When was the last time your heart was full?

You know what we’re talking about, when enthusiasm, gratitude and peacefulness swelled within you so much, it easily permeated out of you, by your actions as well as your words and attitude. Are you searching for balance, joy and a content life that has hope again, which has been lost or forgotten somewhere down the road? Are you needing inspiration to have purpose to move forward and put your life back in order?


Battle in the Bedroom

We’ve all heard the phrase “the honeymoon is over”. Many marriages take a dramatic turn for the worse after having children, bringing an abrupt end to the honeymoon bliss. Feelings of confusion, disappointment, and hopelessness begin to impact intimacy between the sheets, leaving a husband lacking satisfaction and a wife feeling tired and defeated.


In a Warrior’s Quiver

Prequel to Guarding the Past - Revised Edition

Before Journey’s End, there was a beginning. The wealthiest and most powerful reigning king-King Solomon-may have died three thousand years ago, but because of his heavenly blessed wisdom, the scientific and religious world as we know it today is about to erupt as guarded truths of the beginning of times are now soon to be exposed.

Guarding the Past

Revised Edition

Secrets you never dreamed of will be relieved in this thrilling novel, leaving you to question, “Is this a true story or not?”

For 3,000 years, descendants of the mighty warriors have been hiding secrets of the past for King Solomon.


Journey of the Hidden

Revised Edition

Leaving his home in the hidden valley, young Toca must journey for a sun season to and from the endless water in order to prove his manhood. He must accomplish the tribe’s Katata Ado if he is ever to become chief. 

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