Discover Ways to Regain Control

Feeling like your life is in disarray? Explore practical tips and strategies to restore balance and take charge of your life. Find answers here.

This life changing book is for everyone!

  • Does dysfunctional and frustrating describe your family, even your marriage?
  • Do you dread getting up in the morning and going to work?
  • Are you overwhelmed there is so much to do and very little time to do it?
  • Has purpose for everything completely disappeared?
  • Has the point to life lost its meaning?

Where is your heart? Good news is that your life is not broken, but it may be just out of order! There is hope! As you progress through these chapters, we pray God helps you see the changes that need to be made so you can live your best life.


When was the last time your heart was full?

You know what we’re talking about, when enthusiasm, gratitude and peacefulness swelled within you so much, it easily permeated out of you, by your actions as well as your words and attitude. Are you searching for balance, joy and a content life that has hope again, which has been lost or forgotten somewhere down the road? Are you needing inspiration to have purpose to move forward and put your life back in order?

We’re not talking about fixing you so you can get back to that place again. We are talking about first, finding out what the different relationships in our lives are. Then prioritize them in an order of importance, so we can finally see clearly what’s causing the frustration, pain, and chaos, so that we can begin healing and moving forward. Once at this point, we’ll finally have a compass to give us direction and a starting point, as well as a refreshed vision of purpose within all the relationships and in our own lives. This will finally lead us to enjoying life as our heart’s desires begin to be filled, and hope—maybe for the first time in your life— moves forward to lead the way.

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