Unveiling the Arsenal of Courage

Discover the hidden treasures within a warrior's quiver, where courage and strength are the most valuable arrows. Dive into a tale of bravery and resilience in this captivating journey.


Guarding the Past

In a Warrior’s Quiver

Before Journey’s End, there was a beginning. The wealthiest and most powerful reigning king-King Solomon-may have died three thousand years ago, but because of his heavenly blessed wisdom, the scientific and religious world as we know it today is about to erupt as guarded truths of the beginning of times are now soon to be exposed.

At the beginning, King Solomon wisely gave his general-General Shuriah-a mission of epic proportions. The older general was Solomon’s most trusted guardian since Solomon’s birth to Bathsheba and King David. General Shuriah and thousands of his Israelite soldiers are now sailing across the Mediterranean Sea to a land of their enemies to exhume and safely move the greatest treasures of treasures he himself stumbled upon a year earlier.

During the starting days of the journey, the old general is consumed with reflecting back to his youth. Memories come alive of his struggles in relationships, intense training, and many combat situations as he fought hard to someday become a mighty warrior for King David. Young Shuriah is very unpredictable, yet he is extremely admired and feared at the same time because he possesses extraordinary, almost supernatural, abilities to kill and the mental intuition to strategize for war.

At the age of fifteen, Shuriah has become the youngest ever to achieve the coveted honor of being a mighty warrior, having killed more than three hundred enemy soldiers in one battle. But this happened only after his stepfather Uriah the Hittite, is murdered in battle. Through certain events, it is revealed that King David secretly ordered the murder of Uriah, after discovering Bathsheba, Shuriah’s stepmother and Uriah’s wife, is pregnant with his child. Now, the new mighty warrior must face the toughest and most painful battle in his life, which could bring his king to his knees or even his grave.

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