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Discover a mission protecting and cherishing the past. Explore how historical and cultural heritage are safeguarded for future generations.

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From D.L. Crager

Guarding the Past

Secrets you never dreamed of will be relieved in this thrilling novel, leaving you to question, “Is this a true story or not?”

For 3,000 years, descendants of the mighty warriors have been hiding secrets of the past for King Solomon.

Benjamin Maschel, a young archaeologist, has received a mysterious letter inviting him to this unknown and special of all places. Upon arrival, he is faced with unbelievable proof of his true identity, and what were thought to be historical facts are actually lies.

Fighting to believe what he is witnessing, Benjamin finds himself caught in the crossfire of a power struggle within this hidden society. If the heavily guarded secrets were exposed, they would change the world’s future as we know it.

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