Navigating the 4 Stages of Intimacy and Marriage

Explore the journey of love and connection as we delve into the 4 stages of intimacy and marriage. Gain insights into building a strong and lasting relationship. Learn more here.

battle in the bedroom

Battle in the Bedroom:

The 4 Stages of Intimacy and Marriage

We’ve all heard the phrase “the honeymoon is over”. Many marriages take a dramatic turn for the worse after having children, bringing an abrupt end to the honeymoon bliss. Feelings of confusion, disappointment, and hopelessness begin to impact intimacy between the sheets, leaving a husband lacking satisfaction and a wife feeling tired and defeated.

When the powerful knowledge of the 4 stages of intimacy and marriage is revealed in this book, an explosive transformation will take place in your relationship. Relief and satisfaction can finally be experienced as hope and joy take your marriage and intimacy to extraordinary heights.


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